Don’t break the chain!

Surprisingly, I’m being able to draw everyday. I signed up for two courses: the and the Magic Box from Chris Oatley. Both are great and less than 20 bucks/month.

I’m producing so much sketches and studies and thought about putting them here. However, it would clutter up everything. I decided to start using my deviantART account and scrapboard.

The link is Go to Gallery and look for the scrapboard.

The Golden

I’m thinking in making a drawing to my girlfriend of a golden retriever. We have one, her name is Banana and is 5 months old. Well, yesterday I was studying drawing these guys and here’s the result.



What happened there is no one’s business

A black humor comic just occurred to me while driving home. I would draw it if I wasn’t so busy playing Diablo III, but still, it is an idea:

A man meets a women on a casino, get drunk, have sex. Nine months later the baby is born but the couple leave him there, because you know “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

Not so intelligent for SMBC, or so clever to Space Avalanche, also not non-sense enough for Invisible Hair Suit, but, again, an idea.